What is CLC?

What is the Christian Life Community all about?

The Christian Life Community is an international association of men and women, young and adult, from all types of background, who want to follow Jesus Christ more closely and work with Him in the building of the Kingdom. The CLC way of life is based on Spirituality of St Ignatius which can be summarised in St. Ignatius’ statement, “I desire to find God in all things, that I may better love and serve God.

Spirituality, Sense of Community & Mission

The 3 pillars of the Christian Life Community

Spirituality: Deeply grounded in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, faith sharing and regular prayer life, the awareness examen.  Sense of Community: Commitment and accountability to CLC are lived out both in the local community and in the larger CLC.  Mission: Is the end for which community and spirituality exist.  to build the Kingdom of God. option for the poor and an ability to read the signs of the times and a commitment of working toward a vision of a just world.

Adult CLC

What is the Christian Life Community all about?

Adult CLC begins after high school. We have college based, parish based and non-parish based communities. Community Life is the backbone of CLC and the Adult CLC is broken into several communities of up to 12 people across the country. Each community is made up of the same people who meet regularly, typically once every week in an intimate space to privately share the deeper parts of their lives and how they are encountering Christ day to day. A community is much like a family. In Zimbabwe we have communities that have existed for more than 3 decades.

Youth CLC

The 3 pillars of the Christian Life Community

The vibrant and energetic Youth CLC is mainly composed of students in High schools and a few parish based communities. Each school or parish is considered a community and some school based communities are broken down into smaller groups for more intimate sharing. CLCiers meet regularly to share their lives and how they are encountering Christ day to day. Schools often meet at dioceses or national events and often get involve in works of charity as individual communities or jointly with other communities. The Zimbabwean CLC Youth community is one of the most vibrant communities in the world.

Is CLC right for you?

Do you...

  • Want to learn more about personal prayer?
  • Search for further integration of your faith life and daily living?
  • Need guidance in how to reflect on your daily experiences?
  • Seek a process for learning God’s will for you in your every day life?
  • Desire to share your own experience of God with others who share common desires and needs?
  • Want to hear others tell their faith stories?
    Feel called to bring about God’s Kingdom of peace, justice and love?